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Something different - Hanging out with The Skatalites

Hi folks! I'm going to hit the road (or better to say the rails) in a few hours to party hard at the Stains In The Sun II Festival in Schwarzenberg. But before I do so, I thought it might be cool to drop some words and photos here. So today I’ve got something different for you. I've been in Berlin this April to see The Skatalites. They performed at the closing concert of YAAM (Young African Art Market). I liked this place a lot, but it had to close down because some people thought it might be unbelievably awesome to build some office buildings at its spot. What a pity... Fortunately, they relaunched the project at a different location only a few weeks later. In fact, they moved only a few hundred meters. I can't say yet if it's still as nice as it was, but I am definitely going to check this out soon.

So back to business. As I said I’ve got something a little different today. That means I’m not only going to add shots of the concert itself to this blogpost but also some cool backstage portraits of the musicians. It was quite an honor to hang out with the guys that play in one of the best and most influential bands this planet has ever seen and being able to shoot some cool candid photos. Thanks to my friend Natty (guitarist of The Skatalites) for inviting me backstage after the show. And also big thanks and respect to all the other band members who were totally cool with me taking their pictures. I really had a very good time and that's not only because there was a fridge filled up with ice-cold Beck's beer backstage ;) If you’ve never seen The Skatalites live before, make sure to do so next time they come around in your area. You don't wanna miss the band that started off Ska music in the first place 50 years ago. And to all the diehards around: it's not my or your fault if you can't find a shot of the legendary Mr. Lester 'Ska' Sterling below. Unfortunately he couldn't make it to the gig in Berlin. So here we go with the pictures. The Skatalites on stage and backstage!

So long,