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Vic Ruggiero at Milchbar, Berlin

Hey folks!

Earlier this year I was shooting at a show of Vic Ruggiero at Milchbar, Berlin. Vic, whom you might know as the organist of the wonderful Slackers, played two sets at this wonderful bar, which was pretty crowded that night. Using his hands, mouth and feet vic plays the guitar, the bass drum, a tambourine and harmonica at the same time. The sound is mainly a mix of country and blues as far as I can tell. In this manner, Vic mixes his own solo songs with Slackers tunes and adaptations of songs from other bands. During his shows there is usually a great connection between Vic and the audience including some extremely funny mono and dialogues and he’s able to fulfill most of the song requests of the crowd. I say most of them, because I was asking for Astro Zombies (Misfits) and this unfortunately could not be put on the agenda. Well Vic, better get this one done next time ;)

Anyway, Vic always is pure entertainment and I had an extremely good time at Milchbar that night. If you wanna see some more shots taken there, check out the pictures I took at the after show party of the Jaya the Cat concert last year here.

If you don’t know Vic’s music yet, you'd better check that stuff out. I've included one of my favorite pieces at the end of this post. But now, enjoy the shots in the follwing slideshow.

Till then, take care!