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This is the blog section of my website. Here I share some of my current work and tell the story behind certain pictures.

Getting it started

Hey folks out there! The time has finally come for me to start this portfolio website to showcase my photographic work. First of all, I want to tell you a few things about myself. My name is Philipp Lindenau and I´ve been living in the beautiful city of Dresden, Germany for a few years now. At present I'm studying mathematics and physics at the Technische Universität Dresden (Dresden University of Technology) with the intention of becoming a teacher in the near future. Currently most of my photographic energy goes into combining two of the things I care about the most in this world which are taking pictures and listening to some good tunes. That's why I love to do concert photography.

My first DSLR was a Canon 450D which I purchased in 2009. In fact, almost all the photos you can see on this website at the moment were taken with this camera using either a 50mm 1.8 from Canon or a 18-200mm made by Sigma. I recently took a big step forward in terms of gear by upgrading to a Nikon D7100 with a Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 and a Sigma 50-150mm 2.8.

So what do I want to accomplish with this website? First and foremost, of course to show some of my work to anyone who's interested (and maybe even arouse some interest in someone who stumbles over this site by accident). On the other hand, I want to share some of the knowledge I've acquired over the past couple of years with those who are getting started with photography or want to take it to the next level by getting out of the auto modes of their camera. That's why you'll find some stories about how I took certain pictures as well as some general guides in this News and Stories section in the future.

So, I guess thats all for now. I hope you like what you see and if you do so, please help me to get the website known by liking my facebook page as well as by sharing it with your friends. I really would appreciate it! I'll leave you with a picture of my home town Schwarzenberg, which I took from the window of my old room at my parents' back in 2013 as well as with a great piece of art produced by one of my favourite songwriters, Tomas Kalnoky from the band Streetlight Manifesto. Make sure to check out their stuff as well on

So long! Stay tuned and take care!