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Campusparty Dresden 2014

Hi guys! I was to the Campusparty in Dresden last week where I shot the bands playing on the main stage. I think, I came up with quite a few decent shots that I want to share with you today. First up on stage were 'Yellow Umbrella' from Dresden. They had already played at the festival several times before and once again they made the crowd go crazy by doing a mixture of ska and reggae music with a lot of other different influences. It was still pretty early in the evening so I was able to shoot at lower ISO-settings because there was still enough natural light available. Here are some of the shots I took during their show.



Second up were 'I Heart Sharks' from Berlin. They played indie music mixed with some electronic tunes using synthesizers. Although they had some problems with their equipment at some point, the show was pretty cool. The singer just improvised a poem (could have also been some lyrics by the band) while the others tried to fix the problem. Unfortunately the sun was already gone at that point and they didn't have much stage lighting most of the time. That made it kind of hard for me to get a lot of usable shots. But still, I ended up with some cool pictures that you can see in the gallery below.



The band 'Luxuslärm' was headlining the evening with a mixture of pop and rock music. They were doing a pretty cool show with a lot of fast guitar parts. The band definitely profits from having a very charismatic female lead singer. The lyrics of their songs were in German so the crowd was singing along quite often. In fact, it looked like the audience had a very good time during the show. Here are the shots of the gig that I like the most.



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The next bigger shooting session for me will probably be the This is Ska Festival in Roßlau, Germany at the last weekend of June. So stay tuned for pictures of it coming online in July.


All the best and take care!